Shaliene butts Facebook man stalker

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She msg me on Facebook trying to throw herself at me and when I tried to be polite and tell her I was with someone she decided to trash talk them instead of (oh I’m sorry I didn’t know that. ) or a good luck to you she thought trash talking my partner would make me want your Sasquatch looking ass. I would suggest hitting on someone a lot older than yourself preferably someone who’s eyesight has degraded substantially. I hope maybe the ladies see that just because a man accepts a friend request from you doesn’t mean he’s dying to sleep with you. I am sure shaliene can confirm that because I know of 5 guys that couldn’t run fast enough and the same thing happened. Have some respect and dignity maybe he says he’s in a relationship just to avoid hurting your feelings and trying to be a nice guy. I’m sure running down the woman he is with has not gotten any man that has eyesight to drive to show up drifting the curves with slim Jim’s to your door. I’m embarrassed for you!

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